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1.1.5 - some changes from the RWTH Aachen (Jens Hektor)to handle the
network environment in a better way.
Better calculation of the network interfaces on the firewall.
1.1.4 - fixed missing input-rules for ICMP.
new options status and list for 'firewall' command. some new hints in FAQ.
1.1.3 - security fix: moved temporary files from /tmp/service_*.htm
to FCT/etc/tmp/service_*.htm
1.1.2   syntax bug: Linux-Version test for ICMP-Masquerading produced syntax error
on Linux 1.x and 2.0.x Systems (worked on 2.2)
1.1.1 - Little changes for Linux 2.2.
Removed syntax error with ipchains command.
1.1.0 - Support for IP-Masquerading (ipfwadm, ipchains) for
      every service on internal and perimeter network.
1.0.9.p1 - hopefully last fixes for version below 1.1.
       (with this set of functionality)
1.0.9 - changed Installation possibilities: [-cgi] [-strict] [userid]
        - save_config: option for installation of config_files!
          save_config -i [-cgi] <tarfile>
        - renamed fw-rules -> fw_rules
        - fixed bug in "Configuration" Mask ("finger" wasnīt sorted)
        - denied TRUSTED and PERIMETER IPīs on external Interface
          in rules/General.rules
        - logfile now works better with option -s
        - delete logfiles with start of firewall
        - cleanup of rcs versions
        - removed RCS dirs from distributet FCT package
          (i think you don't need this)
        - moved etc/default to samples
1.0.8   - added possibility for logging of services, trusted host connections
        - splittet extracted ipfilter-functions in separate files
          (these implement the syntax for different filters)          
Hey MIR, Version 1.0.7 is yours 
1.0.7   - added option -h (help) to commands
          firewall, fw-rules, create_rules, save_config
        - create_rules:
          added argument <service> to specify which rules are to be
          created (analog to fw-rules)
          e.g.: create_rules telnet   (telnet rules)
                create_rules Firewall (all rules for Firewall)
        - removed double entries in logfile (only 1.+2. command)
        - URL "see logfile" now points to correct logfile log/$ip_cmd.log
        - added "create all rules files" in the "Rules" section
        - General.rules:
          added deny rules for logging before policy deny
1.0.6   - added syntax for ipchains (Linux)
        - setup DENY rules with logging on (ipfwadm,ipchains)
        - formatted output in verbose mode (ipfwadm,ipchains)
        - fw-rules now handles Firewall-service
          e.g.: ./fw-rules Firewall/telnet del
          (execute rules/Firewall/telnet.rules with option delete)
1.0.5   - inserted option -s for "firewall" (setup)
          The option -s executes the scripts in the setup-directory instead
          of re-generating all rules from the configuration files
          Usage: firewall -s start
        - added Syntax for IP-Filter 
        - new scripts: create_rules, save_config